Southern First Bank Case Study

Southern First Bank, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is not your typical bank. Unlike many of its competitors, Southern First puts relationships first, all the time. Prioritizing people—clients, employees, and the community—drove every aspect of the decision-making process of building their new headquarters building at 6 Verdae Boulevard.

Returning to the Workplace: The 4 P’s for Success

Across the country, many companies are calling people back to the physical office, and while working from home had its own challenges, returning to the office has challenges as well. For some, returning to the workplace is a relief: merging “home” and “work” isn’t ideal in many situations. Balancing childcare, remote schooling, glitchy WiFi, constant […]

The Break Room: Third Space at Work

Most schools, healthcare facilities, and offices have a place for employees to heat up lunch and make coffee. Many have a space officially allocated as the “break room.” But how many have turned this highly trafficked real estate into an investment that increases group cohesion and supports a positive company culture? Even if space is […]

The Water Cooler: How Unplanned Meetings Can Influence Company Culture

In a productivity-driven business world, it seems counterintuitive that the long-standing practice of casually chatting at work around the proverbial water cooler can actually improve a business’s bottom line. But in fact, it does. While it might be tempting to regulate this behavior and design an office that on the surface appears to be focused […]