Design Internship Program
SUMMER | 2024

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Design Internship Program

Meet Sheila Banks | VP of Design

At Interior Elements, we seek to give our interns the full experience of working at a commercial furniture dealership. Interns have the opportunity to shadow not only our designers but also our Operations Managers as they conduct installations and site visits and our Market Development Representatives as they meet with clients and present furniture solutions. As an intern at IE, you will be assigned a mentor designer who spends time showing you exactly what they do. You will be given the opportunity to assist on active projects, learn about our furniture manufacturer partners and test out the software we use to draw and specify furniture. There are many designers based out of each of our offices and all will be able to give you hands on experience and guidance. Once you complete an internship at IE, you should have a clear understanding of how this facet of our industry works.

Meet Madison Milldrum | Designer/Project Manager

“Interning at Interior Elements allowed me to learn and grow in my knowledge about the furniture side of the design industry. Having gone through the commercial design class at Auburn and working with IE on our junior year project, I had a slight grasp of what the dealership world was like, but it wasn’t until my internship that I gained a complete understanding. What I found the most interesting was how reliant A&D firms are on furniture dealerships for knowledge of product specifications. One thing I have loved about the contract furniture industry is how it allows you to have an extended design community as you work with other designers at A&D firms on projects. During my internship, I attended meetings, organized the material library, and helped designers with projects and presentations. The IE internship allowed me to gain an understanding of the project process and gain many friendships that allowed me to have a great transition from being an intern to a full-time employee”.

Design Internship Program
Design Internship Program

Interior Design Paid Internships

What makes working at IE different is that our designers are also project managers, giving them greater exposure to the entire design process.

Experience You’ll Receive

Why is this different from working at A&D firm

Why you might be a good fit

We are hard workers – we all do what we need to do to get the job done. Typical work hours are 8-5, M-F, but when projects necessitate it, we all pitch in and stay late, travel as needed, and do what needs to be done! We believe in a true family environment, and we like to have fun. The folks that work at IE have grit and perseverance. We enjoy fostering relationships with one another and our clients. If you work hard and want your co-workers to be an extension of your family, you will be an ideal candidate.


Mid May through early August

(Dates can be adjusted based on your schedule)

Pay: $15 per hour

For interns who do not reside in their selected internship location, a housing stipend of up to $2,000 will be provided for those who meet the out-of-city requirement.

To apply, upload the documents listed below

Please include:

Application deadline: Open until filled with priority deadline of February 16th

Interviews are to be held on a rolling basis 

Design Internship Program

For questions email:
Tyler Peterson
VP of Talent & culture