Brasfield & Gorrie Case Study: Corporate Interior Design in Birmingham

Birmingham, AL | Corporate, Walls

Case Study

Project 3

Location: Birmingham,AL
Space Tyle: Education Center
Size: 20,00 sq ft
Partners: All Steel

Brasfield & Gorrie

GC: Brasfield & Gorrie | PHOTO: High 5 Productions

At In-Elements, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch corporate interior design solutions. This case study highlights our work on the Brasfield & Gorrie office in Birmingham, AL. Our goal was to create a dynamic and efficient workspace that meets the high standards of this leading construction firm.

Project Overview

Client: Brasfield & Gorrie
Location: Birmingham, AL
Industry: Construction
Project Scope: Comprehensive interior design and installation of innovative wall systems.


  • Enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the corporate office.

  • Reflect Brasfield & Gorrie’s brand identity and values.

  • Promote collaboration and productivity among employees.

  • Incorporate sustainable design practices and materials.

Design Strategy

Our design strategy for the Brasfield & Gorrie office focused on creating a modern, collaborative environment that aligns with the company’s corporate culture. Key elements of the design included:

  • Open-Plan Layout: Promotes teamwork and communication.

  • Innovative Wall Systems: Flexible wall solutions that allow for easy reconfiguration of spaces.

  • Sustainable Materials: Eco-friendly choices that support the company’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Brand Integration: Design elements that incorporate the Brasfield & Gorrie brand colors and logo.

Key Features

  1. Reception Area:

    • A welcoming and professional space that reflects the company’s brand.

    • Custom-designed reception desk with branding elements.

    • Comfortable seating area with sustainable furniture.

  2. Open Workspace:

    • Ergonomic workstations that support employee health and productivity.

    • Collaborative areas with flexible seating arrangements.

    • Use of Allsteel and KI furniture for durability and comfort.

  3. Private Offices:

    • Designed for privacy and focus.

    • Equipped with high-quality furniture from OFS.

    • Soundproofing elements to minimize distractions.

  4. Meeting Rooms:

    • State-of-the-art conference technology.

    • Comfortable, ergonomic seating.

    • Customizable layouts to accommodate various meeting sizes.

  5. Breakout Spaces:

    • Areas designed for informal meetings and relaxation.

    • Features like coffee bars and lounge seating.

    • Incorporation of biophilic design elements to enhance well-being.

  6. Innovative Wall Systems:

    • Flexible wall solutions that allow for easy reconfiguration.

    • Use of sustainable materials in wall construction.

    • Integration with the overall design to maintain aesthetic coherence.

Project Outcome

The transformation of the Brasfield & Gorrie office resulted in a modern, efficient workspace that significantly enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. The use of innovative wall systems and sustainable materials not only reflects the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also promotes a healthy work environment.

Client Feedback:

  • “In-Elements delivered a design that truly reflects our brand and supports our business goals. The new workspace has greatly improved our team’s collaboration and productivity.”


This Brasfield & Gorrie case study demonstrates In-Elements’ ability to deliver innovative and functional workspace solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. For more information on how we can transform your commercial space, contact us today.