Designing Supportive Patient-Centered Spaces

Patient Centered Spaces

Going to the doctor can be taxing, even if it’s just for a checkup. When patients dread visiting the doctor, they at worst avoid it altogether, but at best increase their stress levels, which negatively impacts overall health. Waiting rooms can be uncomfortable, and patient rooms even worse. Unfortunately, as we get older, visits to […]

Specifying the Right Healthcare Materials—A Quick Guide

Design Materials

Whether you’re designing a new space, or renovating an older one, healthcare design projects can be overwhelming. Once the space adjacencies and room footprints have been established, furniture and finishes must be selected, and while there are many options, there are also many wrong options—and it the healthcare setting every choice should be informed and […]

First Impressions: Four Ways to Improve a Healthcare Waiting Room

Waiting Area Design

Waiting rooms are often the very first experience a patient has with a healthcare provider. The waiting room sets the tone for the entire visit, so designing a supportive, attractive, and functional waiting room is crucial to patient satisfaction and retention.  Imagine you’re a parent with small children, arriving at the doctor’s office for an […]

Factors to Consider in K-12 Educational Design: Renovations

The past few years have imparted the importance of designing educational spaces that are flexible and agile. Gone are the days where metal tablet-arm chairs facing a chalkboard is the gold standard of K-12 educational design. Today’s ever-changing technologies, diverse student body, and safety needs challenge the existing classroom design model. Photo courtesy of Unsplash […]

The Break Room: Third Space at Work

Most schools, healthcare facilities, and offices have a place for employees to heat up lunch and make coffee in their dedicated employee break room. Many have a space officially allocated as the “workplace break room.” But how many have turned this highly trafficked real estate into an investment that increases group cohesion and supports a […]